Hospital Cleaning: What A Professional Cleaning Service Brings to the Table

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Finding a trusted professional cleaning service to maintain your building—especially when you work in the healthcare industry—can be challenging. It takes an experienced team to understand the nuances of working in a care environment and apply up-to-date cleaning best practices to a hospital, which relies on clean and sanitized areas to function properly and reduce… Read more »

Control and prevent the spread of infection in your medical facility.

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Now, more than ever Infection Prevention and Control is a top priority for healthcare facilities. The most dangerous bacteria found in hospitals and healthcare facilities are surviving on inorganic surfaces like IV poles and moving medical equipment. To comprehensively remove contamination and germs, daily and periodic deep cleaning of all hard surfaces must occur. The… Read more »

Healthcare-Associated-Infections and COVID-19

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Healthcare-associated-infections have multiple similarities to the COVID-19 virus. Both can be transferred through contact with surfaces containing the bacteria or virus, both can be contagious, and both can be effectively eliminated using similar cleaning practices.  While different viruses have different lifespans, COVID has been found to remain infectious on surfaces for anywhere between two hours… Read more »

Cleaning Tips For Your Healthcare Facility and Equipment, Part 2

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Now more than ever, it’s important for healthcare facilities to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of their equipment and space.

When working with EquipSystems, we offer your patients and staff the highest levels of cleanliness. EquipSystems uses an industry leading disinfectant for all surfaces of the equipment.