Ease the burden of medical equipment cleaning at your healthcare facility! Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with EquipSystems today.
We are more than just a medical equipment cleaning service. EquipSystems provides a dedicated team to manage equipment deep cleaning and disinfection with our Baseline Deep Clean Program.

We handle reports for regulatory agencies, perform repairs, test for bioburden and barcode all equipment so you never have to worry

In-Depth Organization

A large, complex project like deep cleaning hospital medical equipment — including disinfecting and repairing — is done in a precise, methodical manner.

Time And Resources

We provide the resources and expertise necessary to develop and execute a deep clean equipment program, as well as necessary disinfection and reporting programs.

Deep Cleaning Schedules

Carrying out a consistent schedule for equipment cleaning is our number one goal in simplifying healthcare facility management for you.

Our comprehensive cleaning process removes dirt, dried fluids, tape, stickers and residue from equipment. We also clean and repair wheels and casters. We even replace broken or worn rubber tips and dual-wheeled casters. Our Equipment Management Solution extends the life and the investment of your equipment!

IV Pole
Table Wheel
IV Pole
ESU Cart
IV Pole
Bed Table
Linen Hamper
Trash Can
Step Stool
Bio-hazard Container Cart
ESU Cart
Prep Table
Jackson Table