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Now, more than ever Infection Prevention and Control is a top priority for healthcare facilities.

The most dangerous bacteria found in hospitals and healthcare facilities are surviving on inorganic surfaces like IV poles and moving medical equipment. To comprehensively remove contamination and germs, daily and periodic deep cleaning of all hard surfaces must occur.

The good news is that you can control and prevent the spread of infection in your facility.

For day-to-day maintenance assistance, you can download our Infection Control Inspection Checklist: 10 Actionable Tips To Ensure Your Healthcare Facility Is Fully Prepared, to learn proven measures for cleaning medical equipment.

Beyond these daily tips, EquipSystems is here to help.

Often, healthcare facilities are unsure about who is truly accountable for infection control practices, policies and procedures. In such a busy environment, it can seem like no one has the time, the responsibility slips through the cracks or you lack the processes to bridge the gap with an equipment management program.

If you need an intense once-over or assistance preparing for inspections, or a regularly scheduled service plan, our trained service teams have the right equipment to get the job done. Give us a call to arrange an on-line orientation of what the EquipSystems Professional Teams can do for you.

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