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How Routine Cleaning Can Prolong The Life of Your Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is essential to the medical field. Therefore, the quality of your equipment goes hand in hand with the quality of your care. Over time, equipment wears down, forcing you to purchase replacements. New equipment is not cheap, that’s why routinely cleaning your medical equipment is so important. With routine cleaning, the life of your medical equipment can be prolonged, reducing the frequency with which replacements have to be purchased – saving you money.

Below are 4 ways in which routine cleaning can prolong your medical equipment’s life:

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Hospital Equipment You May Not Think Needs Cleaned – And Why It Should Be

In a medical setting, it should be fairly obvious that the surgical tools being used on patients should be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized. It is also common knowledge that operating surfaces and bathrooms should be cleaned as well. But what hospital equipment in many medical facilities may frequently be passed over because staff may not think it needs to be cleaned?

Here are a few examples:

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Hospital Cleaning: What A Professional Cleaning Service Brings to the Table

Finding a trusted professional cleaning service to maintain your building—especially when you work in the healthcare industry—can be challenging. It takes an experienced team to understand the nuances of working in a care environment and apply up-to-date cleaning best practices to a hospital, which relies on clean and sanitized areas to function properly and reduce health risks for patients, staff and visitors.

Below are some key things your cleaning service already knows and how they can help elevate your facility’s clean factor.

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Your Facility’s Environment of Care

A thorough cleaning regiment within your Environment of Care (EOC) ensures proper microbe and disease remediation for the safety of employees, and most importantly of patients. A hospital or healthcare environment is unique in the respect that it houses people with compromised health, while also housing potentially deadly diseases and microbes in proximity, and often in the same room. It’s for this reason that hospital cleaning procedures and methods must be full-proof and carried out by qualified staff who can ensure satisfactory microbial and disease remediation.

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Hospital Equipment Maintenance Management Tips

From scheduling nurses to keeping track of patients to making sure equipment is working when and where it needs to be, there are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of in a hospital. That is why it is crucial to stay organized and have a method in place to make sure everything is right where it should be and in good condition. 

Here are a few tips to help you keep track of your medical equipment so that it’s ready and working when you need it. 

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