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Comparing Preventative, Predictive, and Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Maintaining hospital equipment is a crucial part of keeping patients healthy and safe. There are many types of maintenance approaches that may affect cost, productivity, ROI, and overall efficiency.

How does your hospital manage maintenance on medical equipment?

Let’s review a few types of routines.

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EquipSystems In The News

Feel free to click the links below to read press on EquipSystems. How Low-Level Disinfection Prevents HAIs, Failed Inspections and Morale Issues_ 8 Points From EquipSystems’ Carl Runge and Chris Wilkerson  …

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Detail Cleaning can Build Teamwork – By Naida Grunden


Bringing a hospital environment from clean to super-clean creates a number of advantages: some of them are obvious, others are more subtle. According to Michael T. Kennedy, Regional Manager for a New England-based hospital cleaning service, one unexpected result of contracting with EquipSystems for a detailed cleaning at a Massachusetts hospital was an increased sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

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That Third “S” – By Naida Grunden


Hospital staff members who are conversant with Toyota-based Lean philosophy understand the power of the exercise called 5S. This disciplined approach to organization helps workers transform their often-chaotic work areas into useful spaces, and their tools, equipment and inventory always at the ready. 5S is intended to reduce waste, in the form of time and motion spent looking for things, and error, in the form of supplies that are not perfectly ready for use. 5S is continuous: it never ends. It includes these elements:

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