Cleaning Tips For Your Healthcare Facility and Equipment, Part 2

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Now more than ever, it’s important for healthcare facilities to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of their equipment and space.

What are some ways you can combat the spread of infection in your medical facility? 

Here are ways to continually monitor your facility’s equipment for surface integrity and a deep clean that prevents the spread of infection:

4. Evaluate medical bed mattress covers for damage and wear. 

According to the Medical Law Perspectives blog, “… over a two-year period, the FDA received 458 reports associated with medical bed mattress covers failing to prevent blood and body fluids from leaking into the mattress.” This puts patients at risk for infection if they come in contact with these organisms.

Regularly check all sides and the bottom of mattresses and covers for visible signs of wear like tears, snags and stains.

At EquipSystems, we use an approved technology provided by the company CleanPatch to patch mattress pad tears and holes where applicable. This is a patented technology approved by Infection Prevention professionals that can save thousands of dollars when deployed.

5. Regularly clean your mobile medical equipment.

Anything moveable in your facility is being touched and dragged from place to place all day, every day, with many touch points. These include wheelchairs, workstations on wheels (WOWs), IV poles, glucometers and more.

To mitigate cross-contamination and keep pathogenic bacteria at bay, regular cleaning and disinfection is imperative. 

When working with EquipSystems, we offer your patients and staff the highest levels of cleanliness. EquipSystems uses an industry leading disinfectant for all surfaces of the equipment.

6. Cover and protect your medical supplies carts with plastic.

While we live among dust, it’s also an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of organic and inorganic particles, some of them harmful. Proper cleaning and covering of supply carts is essential to reducing the spread of contamination to your patients.

Call EquipSystems For Help!

Even with these tips at hand, we know in such a busy environment that time is limited, responsibility can slip through the cracks, or there is a lack of processes in place.

EquipSystems is here to help.

With equipment cleaning, disinfecting, minor repairs, results testing and reporting, EquipSystems can help ease the burden. Contact us to learn more about how our services can help you.

And check back for more tips to help ensure overall health, compliance, and cleanliness of your facility.