Hospital Cleaning: What A Professional Cleaning Service Brings to the Table

Finding a trusted professional cleaning service to maintain your building—especially when you work in the healthcare industry—can be challenging. It takes an experienced team to understand the nuances of working in a care environment and apply up-to-date cleaning best practices to a hospital, which relies on clean and sanitized areas to function properly and reduce health risks for patients, staff and visitors.

Below are some key things your cleaning service already knows and how they can help elevate your facility’s clean factor.

Hospital Cleaning Best Practices

Medical and healthcare facilities follow strict requirements for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, which means in-house and outsourced cleaning teams must be familiar with these requirements in order to uphold high standards and remain compliant. Most third-party cleaning companies come equipped with cleaning packages, product lists, information on cleaning techniques and tools and detailed reports that reveal their compliance with applicable regulations and their understanding of healthcare cleaning best practices. Your cleaning service team should already know how to service your facility appropriately, and after getting to know your needs and the way your organization runs, they will be able to develop a custom cleaning program fit for your unique space.

For example, your cleaning service will have expertise in:

  • Advanced site-specific cleaning technology and tools
  • Proper chemical cleaners for healthcare applications
  • Attention and care when cleaning specialized medical equipment
  • Additional focus on high-touch, high-traffic areas
  • Cleaning staff with experience working in care facilities
  • Strict supervision of cleaning technicians and cleaning programs

Adding this knowledge and expertise to your internal environmental services team can help simplify your equipment cleaning AND advance your infection prevention and patient safety rate.

Disinfecting, Sterilizing & Cleaning Methods

A commercial cleaning team understands the difference between these approaches to keeping surfaces and objects clean and ready for safe use in a hospital environment, and they should be well-versed in modern cleaning products, tools and tactics needed to get the job done.

At EquipSystems, we disinfect all hard surfaces with a proven 3 log kill rate of bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeasts; reducing the potential for costly infections and eliminating a proven 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeasts and reducing the potential of infectious reservoirs.

Current Healthcare Regulations

Commercial cleaners working to maintain healthcare spaces must keep the regulations and best practices of important industry organizations in mind. As different institutions and facilities require differing and custom cleaning programs, a commercial cleaning company will take into account the necessary procedures, products, compliance, and information protection regulations needed. This also means that a commercial cleaner will need to stay on top of current compliance regulations across the board.

At EquipSystems, we strive to stay compliant with the regulations your operations must follow:

Patient, Staff & Visitor Communication

Hospital cleaning teams are typically well-equipped to bring the friendly demeanor and respect that sensitive environments demand. This means that cleaning staff know how to move around rooms quickly, safely and respectfully and understand how to effectively communicate with the patients and staff they come into contact with while performing their jobs. 

We understand that we are an extension of your team, we also understand that we are a reflection of your team and facility. EquipSystems brings knowledge and efficiency to your facility. Each of our team members is trained, vendor certified, undergo background checks and drug testing, and brings professionalism to your facility.

Why It Matters

Does your cleaning service know all of this and put this knowledge into practice at your facility? Need an experienced team to come alongside yours? The proper team and care can make all the difference in your facility.

Contact us for a healthcare facility cleaning consultation to learn how we can help you create a safer space for your patients and staff.