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It is extremely important for medical equipment to be routinely cleaned and sterilized, but it is even more important that this routine is being done by a professional. Here are a few reasons why customers and patients value professional medical equipment cleaning and why you should outsource this service:

Safety and Peace of Mind

When your patients and customers see that your medical facility is routinely cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized by a professional company following professional procedures, it gives them peace of mind. It helps with their stress levels during their stay to know that the facility is taking proper precautions to do their best to ensure that germs, diseases, and infections aren’t being spread by equipment. A clean environment helps them have a better stay and helps protect their health. Professional cleaning will bring safety and peace of mind to your healthcare workers as well. They can do their jobs without worrying that they will pick up germs or disease from the equipment they are using.

Equipment and Product Quality

Outsourcing your medical cleaning means that the company you hire is going to be using top-tier equipment and cleaning products. This equipment and these products will most likely be top of the line and better than that of which your facility would use if it didn’t outsource. You can rest easy knowing that the professional company is using proper equipment and products to ensure your facility is receiving the best cleaning possible.

Customized Service

Outsourcing your facility’s medical cleaning also means that you will receive customized service. This means that the professional company you work with will be able to tailor their services to your facility’s specific needs. A professional will know the certain type of cleaning, disinfecting, or even sterilizing that each type of tool, surface, or equipment needs to ensure it will be safe to use on the next patient. Professionals will often sit down with you or visit your facility to assess its needs and listen to your concerns and desires. Another perk is that professional companies will also be adhering to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s standards, so you know that they are following procedures to ensure the health and safety of those within your facility. 

How We Can Help With Your Medical Equipment Cleaning

At EquipSystems, we can provide customized service with the most professional equipment and products that will ensure safety and peace of mind for you, your patients, and your employees. EquipSystems provides a comprehensive cleaning process that removes dirt, dried fluids, tape, stickers and residue from equipment. We also disinfect all hard surfaces with a proven 3 log kill rate of bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeasts. We follow professional and efficient procedures that will ensure that your customers and patients trust the environment they are entering and the care they are receiving. 

Check out these testimonials from some of our satisfied customers:

The team was courteous. Explained the process and their course of action. Conducted business in an organized manner. Results were exactly as they described.

Hospital in West Virginia

The crew was professional and thorough with the job tasked. Was a pleasure doing business and we look forward to continuing the relationship moving forward.

– Hospital in Delaware 

Thank you all, your work is very important in our fight against infections in a healthcare setting.

Hospital in Vermont

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