How Routine Cleaning Can Prolong The Life of Your Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is essential to the medical field. Therefore, the quality of your equipment goes hand in hand with the quality of your care. Over time, equipment wears down, forcing you to purchase replacements. New equipment is not cheap, that’s why routinely cleaning your medical equipment is so important. With routine cleaning, the life of your medical equipment can be prolonged, reducing the frequency with which replacements have to be purchased – saving you money.

Below are 4 ways in which routine cleaning can prolong your medical equipment’s life:

Reduced wear and tear

It’s no secret that if your equipment is not consistently clean, then it can not operate at peak performance. Any seemingly negligible amount of dust, liquid, food, etc. can compromise the equipment’s efficiency. Over time, what appeared to be negligible has added up to a necessary equipment replacement. That same piece of equipment, if routinely cleaned, would still be effective. 

Avoids more abrasive methods of cleaning

With routine cleaning, gentler methods can be used to keep the equipment clean. If the equipment is cleaned infrequently, the only way to clean the buildup is through more abrasive methods. These abrasive methods are far less gentle on the equipment, reducing its lifespan.

Protects the integrity of the equipment’s surface

If dirt or biological material finds its way onto the surface, and remains there after disinfecting, the material or dirt can damage the surface of the equipment. These imperfections make the equipment much harder to clean in the future as well as make the equipment more difficult to use. It only takes one sub-optimal cleaning to create an imperfection that snowballs into a fully unusable piece of equipment. This headache can be entirely avoided with a commitment to routine cleaning.

Prevents equipment loss

Hospitals have to deal with a large quantity of equipment. Keeping track of every single item is a daunting task in and of itself, let alone on top of everything else a hospital must do. When cleaning is left to the staff of the hospital, equipment gets lost. When you hire an equipment cleaning specialist, this is not a problem. The specialists can focus entirely on the task at hand, take great care of the equipment, and dedicate the appropriate time and resources to keeping track of the equipment.

Because of these reasons and more, routinely cleaning your medical equipment is the best way to ensure you are getting the longest lifespan out of it; and the best way to clean your medical equipment is to reach out to trusted specialists

How We Can Help With Your Medical Equipment Cleaning

At EquipSystems, we can provide customized service with the most professional equipment and products that will ensure safety and peace of mind for you, your patients, and your employees. EquipSystems provides a comprehensive cleaning process that removes dirt, dried fluids, tape, stickers and residue from equipment. We also disinfect all hard surfaces with a proven 3 log kill rate of bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeasts. We follow professional and efficient procedures that will ensure that your customers and patients trust the environment they are entering and the care they are receiving.

Looking for more information about medical equipment maintenance and how EquipSystems can help? Contact us.