It's Important to Hire Professionals Before a Medical Facility Inspection

As an owner or operator of a medical facility, being prepared for inspections is important. You need to ensure that your facility is following all standards and guidelines for cleanliness and upkeep. Hiring professionals before each inspection is a great way to ensure your facility will meet those standards and guidelines.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to hire professionals before an inspection of your medical facility:

Meet Cleanliness Standards

Hiring professionals to clean your medical facility before inspections is a great way to guarantee that all medical equipment will be properly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized and that none will be forgotten. If you have staff perform routine cleanings, they may not know how to properly clean certain equipment, or may forget about some, which could result in strikes on your inspection or even failure. Hiring professionals will ensure that nothing is forgotten about or left behind, and that everything is properly cleaned to help you pass the inspection.

Here are a few items that you may not think must be cleaned, but professionals are sure to catch. These items must be sterilized using EPA-approved, hospital grade disinfectants:

  • All around the bed, including headboard, mattress, side rails, and bed frame
  • All surfaces including tabletops, phones, inner drawers, chairs, handles, remotes, faucets, light switches, IV poles, and the nurse call device

It is important to make sure items like these are not skipped over during a cleaning to avoid failing an inspection.

Professionals are Familiar With Inspection Standards

Another reason to outsource your medical facility cleaning is because professionals are familiar with the state’s inspection standards. They will know what inspectors will be looking for and how to ensure your facility passes with flying colors. 

Saves Money

Outsourcing your medical facility’s cleaning to professionals can actually save you money in the long run. This is because they get paid a flat rate for each service. This means you avoid hiring a cleaning staff that requires you to pay out PTO, workers compensation, and onboarding and termination costs. 

Peace of Mind

By outsourcing the cleaning of your medical facility, you give yourself the peace of mind of never having to worry if your facility is inspection ready. When your professionals come in to do a routine cleaning before every inspection, they will leave you confident that you will pass the inspection. You won’t have to worry about equipment being looked over or not properly cleaned, or if your staff’s cleaning will meet the inspector’s standards.

How We Can Help

At EquipSystems, we can provide customized service with the most professional equipment and products that will ensure your facility meets the standards of inspectors. EquipSystems provides a comprehensive cleaning process that removes dirt, dried fluids, tape, stickers and residue from equipment. We also disinfect all hard surfaces with a proven 3 log kill rate of bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeasts. We follow professional and efficient procedures that will ensure that your customers and patients trust the environment they are entering and the care they are receiving. 

If you need an intense once-over or assistance preparing for a Joint Commission or State Inspection, or if you need a regularly scheduled service plan, our trained service teams have the right equipment to get the job done. Give us a call to arrange either a free on-site assessment or an on-line orientation of what the EquipSystems Professional Teams can do for you.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Your team is absolutely amazing! They’re knowledgeable, friendly, meticulous, and efficient. We look forward to continuing this project!

Hospital in Texas

The equipment looks amazing. This service was much needed and we truly appreciate it.

Hospital in DC

Ready to start receiving professional medical equipment cleaning to prepare for your inspections? Contact a professional at EquipSystems today. We can’t wait to hear from you!