What We Do

The Highest Standards Of Disinfection For Your Medical Equipment

You and your staff work hard to disinfect and clean your healthcare facility for infection prevention and control. But often, there’s just not enough time or resources to do the deep cleaning that is necessary to meet patient safety standards and increase the lifespan of your equipment.

This is where EquipSystems can help bridge the gap.

At EquipSystems, we act as an extension of your team with one goal in mind: to simplify your equipment cleaning needs with our turnkey process.

Choose EquipSystems, Choose Clean!

  • We create an effective, system-wide infection prevention program for your facility focused on cleanliness, safety, and enhanced patient care
  • We disinfect, repair, & track all non-critical equipment
  • Regularly scheduled cleaning & maintenance schedules, with full-time and on-site employees that are dedicated to your equipment
  • Maintain a constant state of compliance readiness, with the necessary documentation and reports for audits and inspections, to ensure your facility is in compliance when our team leaves
  • Create a cleaner, brighter environment that improves employee morale and promote positive patient satisfaction scores
  • Reduce your facility costs by increasing the lifespan of equipment

How EquipSystems Can Help Your Facility