Mr. Bill Williams was president of Pyxis Corporation from 1996-1998. He joined Pyxis in 1988 as the second employee and its Vice President of Marketing and Sales.  Later he would serve as Vice-President of Sales and Sales Operations, Senior Vice-President, and Executive Vice-President. He was foundational to the early stage market research, strategic planning, organizational structure, product development, M & A activity, and capital formation of the company.  He was a central figure in the development of the Pyxis value based corporate culture and strong service oriented sales strategies.  He played a prominent role in guiding Pyxis to one of the nation’s most successful public offerings in 1992, and eventually a billion dollar merger with merger Cardinal Health, an S & P 500 company, in 1996.

Prior to joining Pyxis, Bill Williams had twenty years of healthcare experience that included staff and line management positions with Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer USA, Howmedica, and DePuy, Inc.  During those years he was involved with the development and market introduction of numerous medical devices, capital goods, services, and software applications to the healthcare marketplace.  Responsibilities were primarily in the functional areas of marketing, sales, and sales operations/support.

He is the Founder and President of Faranhyll Foundation, Inc., whose charter is to foster value-based leadership in corporate life.  He is a frequent speaker and seminar leader addressing such topics as leadership, mentoring, marketing & sales strategies, and corporate culture development.  He is author of Wrestling with Destiny, a non-fictional book about to be published.

He graduated from The University of Missouri in 1970 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  He married Kathy Williams in 1970.  They are the parents of two grown sons, Mark and Matthew, both of whom are married.  They have three grandchildren.

Board Affliations

Supply Pro, Inc.: 2000-2002

  • Automated point of use devices for inventory management in manufacturing.
  • CEO 2001-2002
  • Compensation Committee
  • Acquired Vertex Technologies
  • Revenue ramp to 5m in two years

Edix Corporation: 1993-1997

  • Automation systems for medical transcription. Merged with IDX Systems, a public company.
  • Investor
  • Compensation Committee

Computer Motion, Inc: 1994-1999

  • Robotic instrumentation for cardio-vascular surgery. Taken public in 1997.
  • Investor
  • Compensation Committee

Surx Corporation: 1997-2003

  • R/F technology for treatment of female incontinence.
  • Investor
  • Chairman, Compensation Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Finalizing FDA approval process.

Intrusted, Inc.: 1995-1997

  • Information management s/w for healthcare.
  • Investor
  • Compensation Committee

Medvantx Corporation: 1999-current

  • Automated medication-dispensing systems for physician offices.
  • Compensation Committee

MD Everywhere: 2004-current

  • Automated billing solutions for physician offices.
  • Compensation Committee
  • Audit Committee

E & C Medical Intelligence:  2004-current

  • Obstetrical protocols
  • Compensation Committee 

Advisory Boards

Ionfusion, Inc: 2003-current

  • Manufacturer of sophisticated metallurgical bonding systems for surgical instruments and implant devices.

Intellidot Corportation: 2002-current

  • Bedside patient safety systems for medications

In Touch Health: 2002-current

  • Remote presence robotic systems
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